Wellspring clients come from all walks of life: they are professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. Some are just starting out in their careers, others are nearing retirement. Some work from home, and others work in the home. Some are professional athletes, while others are weekend warriors. What unites them is a commitment to healthy, stress-free living, and to feeling great — all without drugs or surgery. Here’s what they have to say about us:

Chris Henderson

I had been seeing the same massage therapist for 7 years but had to find someone new after she moved out of state. I’d been searching for a truly gifted therapist for about a year and my search is now over after discovering Wellspring. I have now had work done by 3 different therapists and all are incredibly skilled. My aches and pains are disappearing after a long year thanks to the work I have had done at Wellspring.

Living in Scottsdale there are lots of options for massage but my search is over this is my new go to place for massage! Fantastic place I absolutely loved it.

Gina Berman

Hands down the best massage in the valley! I originally started going due to a back problem I had a few years ago and now am hooked. I have had treatments from Pagona and Ruel and am always blown away at how relaxed I feel, how knowledgeable they are about the body and what you need and the quality of the treatments themselves. I’ve never had a bad massage. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend!

Erin Compton

Looking for a great massage?? I was visiting Scottsdale and thanks to Google I found Wellspring. I went in for a 90 min massage on 5/26/17 with Ruel and I’m so thankful I did. Ruel explained every step of the service and addressed all my concerns. I have a low back injury L4 – L5, L5 – S1, and an issue with my neck, right trap/right arm. Ruel was very careful and checked the amount of pressure throughout the massage and stretching. My body immediately felt better and was in dire need of this specialized service to meet my bodies specific needs. After the service I was sent a follow up email with detailed instructions of the stretches Ruel showed me to continue to help my body. Thank you again Ruel for your excellent care and hard work.

Ruza McGins

I have been seeing Ruel for the last few months and he is amazing! I had reservations about seeing a male therapist but he is the utmost professional. He does an evaluation before each session to determine what the focus needs to be. He recommends stretches and strengthening exercises to compliment the sessions, and uses a variety of techniques for the most benefit (stretching, cupping, cold laser, etc.). I’ve been doing massage for years, and he is truly one of the best massage therapists that has worked on me. I highly recommend him!

Jane Hennenfent

I am an Acupuncturist and just leaving this beautiful and consciously created environment that feeds all of the senses through the soft lighting, relaxing music, soft luxurious sheets and non-greasy yet deeply moisturizing massage lotion.

I received a customized massage that was a combination of nurturing Swedish massage to release overall tension and deep tissue designed to untie the knots in my shoulders and increase the circulation to my brain clearing the fog. Pagona, my massage therapist is masterful with her skilled touch that applies different levels of pressure in response to her intuitive communication with my body. This was an experience of health and healing worth repeating! Thank you Pagona

Sunanda Stokes

This is it. To know Pagona in this capacity is an absolute blessing. She knows people like nobody in this world, which means she has created a team of practitioners that are the best in their fields. Come and see for yourselves.

Bilge Gregory

Pagona and Nancie are amazing. Nancie has been the one person to fix my chronic neck pain. I could barely move when I first saw her. She has helped my body feel normal again by stretch therapy, laser, massage and much more. I highly recommend all the therapists, each has a unique modality and strength to provide. The team is top notch.

Nikki Evans

The staff is very knowledgeable. I’ve done a few places and WCH has been the only place to actually help with actual results. Highly recommend.

Javier Lorenzo

Experienced, caring group set in a beautiful modern setting. Loving care for the body, fuel for the soul…Thank you!

Joy Li

I love the energy of this healing center!!! Love the bathroom and the painting on the meditation wall.

Mishele Walston

These people know what they are doing and they do it well! I am so thankful to have found them!!

Sarah Perry

The energy in the space is that of peace and healing. I’m was incredibly impressed with the knowledge, experience, skill, and professional technique the Ruel embodies. The highly-accredited team provide a level of service that allows you to leave their presences feeling recharged, realigned, and reconnected to yourself on many levels. I complete trust in the vision of healing and wellness created & implemented.

Stacey Davis

Ruel is awesome!!! In just a few short sessions my back muscles loosened up and 90 percent of my pain was relieved after years of struggling. Ruel has the wonderful gift of joining massage therapy with physical therapy.

Karen Fontes

Pagona is a wonderful therapist. On top of relieving my pain, she gives advise to maintain the benefit of the session and work on the problematic parts of my body. She is also a great person, which adds nicely to the relaxing session experience.

Delphine Deflandre

Ruel did a fantastic job. He was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. The massage was amazing, and I left feeling like a new person!

Taryn Autumn

This place is amazing! I have been going here for the past three months and have never felt better! It is Physical Therapy and deep tissue massage all in one! The stretching alone is magical! The cupping technique they use is life changing! Ruel was my therapist and he is extremely professional and knowledgeable about the therapies. He follows up always to see how you are doing and even gives you stretches and techniques to do at home to help heal your issue! Request him for sure!!! This place is top-notch and worth every penny!

Dani During

I served 8years active duty in the Marine Corps infantry and just recently got out last September. Needless to say, my body was pretty messed up from the constant wear and tear over the years. As a fulltime student and avid rock climber, I began to really feel the effects and decided to get seen. I was referred to see Ruel and have been going on a weekly basis for the past month and a half. Since working with Ruel, I have seen a complete 180 in the recovery process, but more importantly he gave me the tools to prevent further injury and muscle tightness. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and professional and I would recommend him to anyone of my family and friends. What I love about this place is the fact that they not only incorporate massage therapy, but they focus on all aspects of the body and its function through laser treatment, stretching, and take home exercises. Whether you are simply looking for a massage or you’re an athlete, Wellspring is your place. Highly recommend.

Daniel Evans

Never having a massage or stretch therapy session before, I was a little hesitant coming in my first time.  However, after having worked with Ruel I can definitely say I am going to keep coming back for more! Ruel was extremely professional and made the whole session very comfortable and informative for me.  Can’t wait to come back!

Haylee Hughel

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