Hi, there!

Nancie & Pagona, founders of Wellspring, here.

We’d like to start by telling you the story of how we first met, in a Neuromuscular Therapy class many years ago.

It’s not surprising that we met in a class — we’re both anatomy nerds, and we’re both obsessed with knowing the latest and greatest in health.

We were both there searching for solutions to help our clients speed up their recovery times.

You see, our clients lead busy lives filled with many demands — and too much time spent in Scottsdale traffic!

Their regular routine of going to multiple, one-size-fits-all medical offices to fill out the same confusing pieces of paperwork, only to receive contradictory (or worse yet, ineffective) advice regarding their pain wasn’t working for them.

It was wasting their time — time they could have better spent relaxing at home with their family and friends.

It was also dragging out their recovery time… keeping them trapped in a life where they suffered needlessly.

We knew there had to be a better way!

We spent the next twelve months meeting up at educational seminars and sharing treatment plans to help speed up our clients’ recovery times.

We shared the same goals for our clients and ourselves, and were drawn to each other from the beginning. We knew that it was our destiny to combine our talents.

So together we created Wellspring, your complete health and wellness center.

Whether you’re suffering from a sports injury, recovering from another vital health issue, or simply experiencing the everyday aches and pains of getting older, a proper treatment program includes more than just a single approach.

It requires a whole-body approach, with proven treatments supported by a wealth of cutting-edge research…the perfect complement to traditional medical care or after physical therapy.

When you visit Wellspring, you’ll get relief from our curated team of expert and sought-after massage therapists, stretch therapists, nutritionists, functional trainers, yoga therapists, and more.

Whether you want to de-stress from the daily grind at work with a deep, clinical relaxation massage, or use advanced stretch therapy to improve your golf swing (and make your friends jealous on the course,) or attend a yoga class so you can play hide-and-seek like a pro with your kids or grandkids—our team is here for you.

We’ll help you develop a custom-tailored healing program that meets your unique needs and goals.

From our very first meeting, we’ve been excited to combine our life’s work for your well-being.

Your health is our highest priority — we can’t wait to see you at Wellspring soon!

Yours in Health,

Pagona & Nancie
Wellspring Center for Health & Healing

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