Do not take our word for it, see what our clients have to say. Our clients and patients are an intregral component to the success of Wellspring Massage and Facial Spa. 

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Wellspring clients come from all walks of life: they are professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. Some are just starting out in their careers, others are nearing retirement. Some work from home, and others work in the home. Some are professional athletes, while others are weekend warriors. What unites them is a commitment to healthy, stress-free living, and to feeling great — all without drugs or surgery.


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Wellspring Massage and Facial Spa is proud to offer the #1 massage Scottsdale residents choose for relaxation and healing. Experience the most rejuvenating and effective massages in the area. Known as the #1 hidden oasis, our certified therapists offer the best treatments for Scottsdale residents that you could ever experience. It is proven to show that receiving regularly scheduled massages reduces stress and anxiety and has a significant effect on other medical conditions.

With an amazing aesthetics experience added, our soothing environment at Wellspring will have you feeling more relaxed the moment you step through our doors. Everyone from our exceptional front desk team to our expertly skilled therapists to our entire team of health providers will take you along an amazing journey.  It just takes one visit to realize the Wellspring difference. 

Working with you, our team of expert practitioners and therapists work symbiotically to craft a unique regimen and treatment plan designed to both relax and enhance your current state, while working to heal your body. Whether you are experiencing a minor discomfort or chronic pain…from any injuries or conditions that may be causing challenges, our practitioners are committed to your relief & rejuvenation.

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