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Restorative Yoga:

This type of yoga is a way to slow down your body and open it through different stretching techniques. The major difference between conventional yoga and restorative yoga is the posture. Normally, people follow various postures while doing conventional yoga but during restorative yoga, there are fewer postures to work with. Hence, when doing it for the first time, you will find it completely different.

During long sessions of restorative yoga, you offer deep relaxation to your muscles. The feeling is unique, as you use props instead of your muscles to provide sufficient support to the body. Restorative sessions are quite mellow, which makes it a better alternative to the rigorous yoga classes. It serves as an effective antidote to stress.

Procedure and Props

Our yoga trainers use best techniques, which helps to draw maximum benefit out of the restorative yoga. The extensive use of props makes your session more interesting and relaxing. Since these props provide support to your body, you can continue the session for a longer period.

The postures are the adaptations of conventional yoga, involving seated or supine poses. During these postures, you can use blankets, blocks or bolsters, which helps to eliminate unnecessary strains. For example, seated posture can turn into a restorative one, if you place various folded blankets on your legs. This provides required support for your forward bend posture.

Moreover, you can also use ‘Legs up the Wall’ posture to try it as a classical posture. While using the wall as a prop, you provide ample support to your legs, which allows you to continue this yoga for maximum time. Some other common postures and positions include supported bridge pose, and reclined goddess pose.

Restorative yoga can turn out to be a perfect way to relax and release all your stress. However, in order to achieve this, you need to learn the basic techniques of this yoga. Here at Wellspring, we provide extensive training for restorative and any other types of yoga.

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Benefits of Restorative Yoga

When done in a specific manner, restorative yoga can provide maximum benefit to your body and mind. Some of the most notable benefits of this yoga are as under.

Lose Weight and Trim Your Fat

Research has shown that restorative yoga proved to be effective during weight loss programs. It also helps to trim additional fat and gives a sleek shape to your body. This type of yoga provides much better results than stretching and is safe too.

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Helps to Boost your Immunity

If you practice restorative yoga for a continuous period, it will help to enhance your body’s immune system. This means that you will be less vulnerable to common illnesses or diseases including flue, cold, and fever.

Achieve Peace of Mind with Restorative Yoga

This type of yoga is much calmer than other popular forms. It slows down your over-stimulated mind and helps you feel calmness and tranquility that surrounds your head. This peaceful basking also helps to strengthen your spiritual state.

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Helps to Heal Emotional Injuries

Similar to building physical strength, you can also benefit your mind through restorative yoga. Through regular sessions, you may treat emotional pain with great courage and determination.