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Wellness Counseling

Wellness counseling is a method of providing tools and motivation to clients, which enable them to achieve their physical and emotional health goals. Wellness counselors help the clients to lose their weight, minimize stress, eat better or quit bad habits like smoking by offering them necessary information and tools.

Turning your Dream into Reality  

Here at Wellspring, we offer tailored wellness counseling services to each of our clients. This ensures that your dream of living a perfect life can become a reality. Your body holds the ability to heal itself naturally, but you need to trigger it first. This is exactly what we do.

Our comfortable office setting allows you to express your feelings with complete confidentiality. The calmness of such an atmosphere plays a vital role while achieving desired outcomes. Each session takes place in the presence of an experienced and trusted counselor.

The sense of relief helps to identify the problems and pave the way towards their solution. It serves as an ideal method to rediscover your abilities. The combination of various perspectives provides the foundation for analyzing problems, allocating specific solutions, and promoting growth.

Healing with a Trust

Being a way of life, wellness counseling helps to redesign your lifestyle and achieve the highest level of well-being. Our therapists possess years of experience, where they helped people to resolve their problems and heal their body and mind.

The services provided by our therapists are in line with the latest developments in the field. Moreover, our team shows its utmost commitment to continuous professional growth. People feel a pleasant change after just a few initial sessions, which engage their trust in our counselors.

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Wellspring Center For Health and Wellness in Scottsdale Arizona

The Wellspring Approach to Wellness Counseling

We offer a complete range of therapies, which covers various common problems such as stress, anxiety, trauma, anger, addiction and workplace issues.

Trauma-Focused Therapy

This type of cognitive behavioral therapy allows relieving the stress in people who have undergone a traumatic event. After successful therapy, the client quickly moves to a healthy state of life.

WELLNESS | massage in scottsdale az | wellspring
WELLNESS | massage in scottsdale | wellspring center for health & healing

Person-Centered Therapy

The basic goal of this particular therapy is to help clients while developing their sense of self. It provides them with an opportunity to realize the negative elements of their personality, which affect their behavior, feelings, and attitude.

Family Systems Therapy

This therapy involves analyzing the behavior of the family as a whole and locating the true cause of a problem. The therapist takes into account the role of each family member, their childhood experiences, and their prevailing family circumstances.

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WELLNESS | best massage in scottsdale | wellspring

Relational Life Therapy

Relational therapy helps to restore the lost connection in relationships. This includes the implication of various strategies to overcome marital dysfunction. This type of therapy is equally beneficial for couples, who have recovered from a traumatic event.

In order to handle relationship issues, the therapist helps the clients while looking for the major conflict. After diagnosing the basic issue, the therapist shares the skills to bring improvement in their relationship. 

Solution Focused Therapy

The focus of this therapy is on the viable solution that a client wants. It relates to some other issues that don’t fall under the shadow of physical or mental issues. At first, the therapist helps the clients to envision their desired future. After that, the therapist will discuss certain changes that the clients need to implement in their lives while achieving predesigned goals.

WELLNESS | massage in scottsdale az | wellspring CENTER FOR HEALTH AND HEALING