Sports Therapy

Visit our sports therapists for your active lifestyle and sports injuries. 


Sports Therapy

At Wellspring, we understand the injuries associated with sports and can help athletes to recover within less time. This is possible as we have a wide range of sports therapies; specifically designed to handle any kind of sports-related injuries or performance issues.

So whether you want to recover from an injury or just want to enhance your performance, you can trust on the skills of our sports therapists.

How we can Help?

We start with a complete assessment, which helps us to assign a tailored therapy program to treat your injury. Our aim is to help you achieve your lost fitness and revive your capacity to start practicing your sport within a short span of time.

The techniques used by our therapists are safe and proved their worth in the past. We discuss the treatment plan with you and start the program after obtaining your accord.

Healing of an Injury

Irrespective of the type of injury, the healing process relies heavily on physical and mental strength of an individual. This suggests that to expedite the healing process, the person inured should have the required level of mental and physical strength. This is the area where our specialized therapist can assist you. They are capable of dealing with your injury and ensure your well-being.

Who can Benefit from Sports Therapy

Anyone who has suffered a sports injury can come to our office and receive proper treatment. We offer a variety of therapies and rehabilitation programs if you have been facing following health conditions.

  • Recently sustained soft tissue, joint or ligament injury
  • Dealing with the issue of long term injury
  • Need a post-operative care
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Working with you, our team of expert practitioners and therapists work symbiotically to craft a unique regimen and treatment plan designed to both relax and enhance your current state, while working to heal your body. Whether you are experiencing a minor discomfort or chronic pain…from any injuries or conditions that may be causing challenges, our practitioners are committed to your relief & rejuvenation.

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Types of Sports Therapy

Our experienced therapist can treat a wide range of sports injuries. We utilize a combination of soft tissue techniques, physical therapy, and rehabilitation exercises to regain a healthy and normal lifestyle of our clients.

Remedial Massage Therapy

If you have suffered shoulder, neck, or spinal injury while doing extensive sports workout or during your game, you can seek relief from our remedial massage therapy. Moreover, you can also avail our massage services, if you need to maintain your body’s flexibility and strength. Generally, we offer customized massage therapies to meet the needs of our individual clients.

SPORTS-THERAPY | massage in scottsdale | wellspring arizona

Kinesio Taping Therapy

During this therapy, we use a flexible yet strong tape that works with the body heat. Once applied in a proper manner, it provides required support and stability to the muscles, joints, and ligaments. The patient feels immediate relief from pain and can easily move the joints in a full range of motion.

Dry Needling for Pain Relief

This type of therapy is popular for treating stiffness, chronic pain, and deactivation of trigger points (Myofascial). The needles used during this procedure are sterile and are completely safe to use. The needle changes the way your body feels the pain and helps to ease the trigger points.

SPORTS-THERAPY | massage scottsdale | wellspring
SPORTS THERAPY | massage in scottsdale | wellspring

Therapeutic Exercise

These gentle exercises play a key role during recovery process and help to increase the range of motion. The weakened muscles gain strength and the injury recovers without a sensation of pain.