Reiki Healing

Our practitioners harness the power of energy to heal at Wellspring Center for Health & Healing.

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Reiki Healing

Reiki is a therapy, which promotes natural healing in a person suffering from ailment or discomfort. During this procedure of hands-on therapy, the practitioner takes assistance from universal life energy.

The term Reiki is a merger of two Japanese words ‘rei,’ which means universal, and ‘ki,’ which relates to vital energy associated with life. According to some beliefs, this life force energy flows through all living things. It is gentle, abundant, and spiritual energy, which doesn’t show its bonding to a specific religion.

Basic Theory behind Reiki Healing

The Reiki practitioners believe that during illness, injury or disorder, life energy stagnates. In other words, blocking of the universal life energy may cause disease or add severity to an illness.

Through this type of energy medicine, the therapist focuses on reviving the flow of energy by removing the blockage. This helps to improve the flow of healing energy. Reiki healing is a relaxing therapy, which allows to lower pain or other symptoms of illness and promotes healing.

It is quite similar to acupuncture or acupressure when it comes to the idea of healing. However, the procedure followed is relatively different.

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What is the Reiki Procedure

Reiki Healing is a soft and gentle therapy, which is a non-invasive method to heal the body. It promotes general wellness of body, mind, and spirit. During a regular Reiki session, our experienced therapists try to transmit life energy into the client’s body.

The basic purpose of this therapy is to introduce a sensation of deep relaxation. The healing energy targets the energy field that surrounds the body. This, in turn, helps to expedite the healing process and lowers pain or other symptoms of discomfort.

Usually, the practitioner will gently place his/her hand over patient’s body and tries to channel Reiki energy into it. The experience of this therapy is unique in nature, as each patient feels slightly different sensation.

However, the most common experiences include relaxation of the body and feeling of warmth that comes from practitioner’s hand.

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What to Expect During a Reiki Session

To start the therapy, the practitioner asks the patient to lie down on a comfortable massage table. During the whole procedure, the patient will remain fully clothed. However, removal of shoes and jewelry is essential. Reiki works perfectly if the patient is wearing comfortable and loose clothing.

Here, at Wellspring, we also recommend wearing loose-fitting clothes for better results. Our practitioners utilize numerous Reiki techniques, which include

  • Beaming
  • Centering
  • Clearing
  • Smoothing and raking the aura
  • Infusing
  • And removal of harmful energies

A few Reiki practitioners may also use chakra healing wands and crystals. The reason behind this is the belief that these items provide protection against negative energies and promote healing.

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Benefits of Reiki Healing Include

  • Relaxes and soothes the body
  • Releases stress and anxiety
  • Strengthens healing abilities of a body
  • Helps to improve sleep patterns
  • Cures emotional disturbance
  • Helps to treat chronic and acute illnesses
  • Proves beneficial while treating addictions
  • Strengthens immune system