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All of us need food to sustain our lives. However, certain conditions may appear in the life of a person, where it is not possible to eat any food. This situation particularly arises when a person is suffering from a serious injury, surgical treatment of chronic ailment.

In addition, when the stomach fails to perform its function, the patient’s desire to eat simply vanishes. Under these and some other circumstances, nutrition experts try to diagnose the actual cause of the problem and assign a particular solution to it.

Here at Wellspring, we take into account various elements prior to assigning a specific nutrition program to our client. Some of them include:

  • Physical and mental condition of the patient
  • Amount of dose prescribed by the general practitioner
  • Assessment of the patient’s nutritional status
  • Analyzing the appropriate protein and energy requirements
  • Monitoring of access sites for parenteral intravenous
  • Handling the issue of drug-nutrient interactions

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Our extensive nutritional therapy can help a variety of patients while improving their dietary routine. High-value nutrition helps to speed up the healing process and revitalizes the body’s strength to handle various issues naturally.

The nutrition therapy offers desired results during various types of ailments such as obstetric, Medicine dependency, trauma, and critical illness. In addition, patients recovering from bone marrow transplantation can also obtain benefit from nutrition therapy.

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Kinds of Nutrition Therapies

The basic purpose of this therapy is to implement different techniques to provide sufficient nutrients to the patients. In order to achieve this goal, a nutrition therapist utilizes the following methods that are viable as well as effective.

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Nutritional Support Therapy

This is the primary method of providing essential nutrient to the patient. It further divides into two methods including enteral nutrition or parenteral nutrition. Both of these methods help to prevent malnutrition and severity of physical condition. This therapy proves to be effective, irrespective of patient’s age.

During this type of nutrition therapy, we utilize some essential components of medical treatment. These elements are oral, parenteral, and enteral nutrition, which helps to restore and maintain optimal nutrition status of a patient.

Enteral Nutrition

This is an effective way of providing nutrition to people, who are unable to eat food on their own. This method of nutrition therapy is also known as “tube feeding.” Enteral nutrition offers all the essential nutrients in a perfect blend. The consistency of this type of diet is relatively thicker than parenteral nutrition. Nutrition therapists offer this liquid diet by dropping a tube into the stomach.

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Parenteral Nutrition

When it is not possible to provide nutrition through the enteral process, a mixture of special liquids is directly injected into the bloodstream. Nutrition therapists insert an intravenous tube into a vein. In this way, the patient can receive all the essential proteins, fats, sugar, fat, mineral and vitamins.

This type of therapy requires the utmost care and attention. Our qualified and experienced nutrition therapist offer these therapies while following strict medical guidelines. Hence, you can rely on our abilities an get these services without any hesitation.