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A chiropractor diagnoses and treats neuromuscular disorders by utilizing manipulation and/or manual adjustment of the spine. In fact, chiropractors help patients to reduce pain and improve the range of movement through various therapies including chiropractic massage, ergonomics, and exercises.

Our qualified chiropractors utilize a hands-on manipulation of the spine and align it to reduce pain. In addition, affected muscles and skeleton also receive proper attention to treat the problem. The techniques used during this therapy can treat a range of conditions including sciatica, knee pain, back or neck pain.

The area of spinal adjustment is unique, and this approach makes chiropractic treatment a viable method to handle spine related complaints. However, this is not the only focus of our experienced chiropractors. In addition, they also offer advice and relevant information to the clients regarding exercise, nutrition, and implementation of changes to live a healthy lifestyle.

Therapies and Manipulation

Chiropractic adjustments are the manipulations that our chiropractors use to achieve the goals. The focus of this treatment is to eradicate the irritations associated with the nervous system or structural parts of a body.

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Different Kinds of Chiropractic Therapies

Following are the therapeutic measures that a chiropractor utilizes while implementing the proposed treatment. These modalities, along with your adjustment will help your body realign to its proper positioning and reduce nerve and muscular pain at a faster rate of recovery

Massage Therapy

During this therapy, soft tissues receive massage to improve blood circulation. This helps to reduce the inflammation or swelling, which result in the reduction of back pain. It also encourages the body to heal itself without any medication.

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Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy

It involves placing the electrodes on the specific area of skin, which provides soft electrical pulses. In this way, chiropractors can reduce inflammation, curtail the muscle spasm and lower the pain.

Exercise Therapy

Chiropractors teach their clients some exercises that they need to continue during and after the treatment. This exercise program helps to strengthen the muscles, especially related to the affected area.

CHIROPRACTOR | scottsdale massage | Wellspring AZ
CHIROPRACTOR | best scottsdale massage | Wellspring

Heat and Cold Therapy

While treating back pain, the chiropractors utilize heat and cold therapy. It works by alternating the heat and cold therapy to gain desired results. The chiropractor uses ice packs to numb the affected part for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterward, a hot water bottle or heating pad takes the place of an ice pack. This helps to restore blood circulation and ensure faster healing.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy utilizes sound waves to provide deep heat sensation. Generally, the focus of this therapy is the joints and soft tissues. During this process of micro-massaging, the joints or soft tissues receive treatment to minimize stiffness and pain.

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This type of therapy involves utilizing water at different temperatures and pressures. The hydrotherapy focuses on the reaction of our body with reference to cold or hot stimuli. Chiropractors use whirlpools, hot baths, wraps or saunas to achieve the goal. This method allows to lower back pain via cold stimuli, which helps to numb the sensation of pain. Whereas, the use of hot stimuli promotes blood circulation.

Dietary Therapy

This is the most essential part of chiropractic treatment. It mainly focuses on the diet and eating habits of a patient. Our chiropractors offer tailored dietary tips to the patients, depending on their individual circumstances. These are the suggestions or recommendations, which allow patients to make certain changes to their diet. Dietary therapy can help to reduce back pain and promote healing after spinal manipulation.

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