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Wellspring got its start in 2011 when Pagona and Nancie, both fascial stretch therapists with over 20 years’ experience each in wellness in Scottsdale – met at a Neuromuscular Therapy advanced certification class. It was business-partnership love at first sight!

Since that first shared office over on Raintree, they’ve expanded to open Wellspring as you see it today – a collaborative wellness space that includes many of their best original referral partners plus the amazing massage therapists that Nancie and Pagona train and work closely with day in and day out. 

They have added many specialties, programs and services since then, too – but the unique connection to the patient that Nancie and Pagona have cultivated through years of honing their craft as body therapists – is something that is shared by all Wellspring-based providers.

In seeking to know you better and take time to really hear you, our providers bring you closer to the true core of healing.

Our Values:

Strength – Wellspring providers are here to hold space for you

Dedication – Wellspring providers are proven veterans passionate about their specialties

Trust – We accept the honor of your confidence and stand ready to support you

Joy – Joy in connecting with others, joy in good living, joy in all things big and small!

The global wellness movement has grown over 15% just since 2013. This mass-consciousness shift is something we are proud to be part of and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Yours in Health,

Pagona Xenos & Nancie Lopez
Wellspring Center for Health & Healing

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