Let Wellspring Center for Health & Healing share with you how we came to be and why we have a passion for healing.


Thank you for your interest in our center.

At Wellspring, our mission is to help you thrive at the nexus between modern medicine & modern wellness, with our massage, aesthetics and chiropractic services. 

With a combined 30+ years’ experience in massage and aesthetics here in Scottsdale, Nancie and I train all of our therapists and estheticians to achieve the same level of excellent care that we have been delivering to our concierge clients all these years. 

Our passion for helping others, for connecting to a person’s deepest needs and helping them find relief, is what drives us.

With the guidance of numerous physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors, yogis and other wellness experts, we have crafted the Wellspring experience with you in mind. Our massage protocols are next-level, and we do our best to address chronic pain and long-term fixes for your skin and body. 

Today, as evidence showing the safety and effectiveness of many of these therapies grows, physicians are starting to integrate aspects of what was once seen as alternative medicine into conventional medical care. – Brent A. Bauer, M.D., Director of Research, Integrative Medicine and Health at the Mayo Clinic

At Wellspring, we believe in your right to map a path forward for your own health, excellence and well-being, that is entirely in tune with your essence. 

You’ll start to crave that moment when you enter our space, a warm cup of revitalizing Greek mountain tea or cool glass of mineral hydration water awaits you. The air perfumed with clean and organic aromatherapies. Our staff, from the front desk to anyone who might pass you by, ready with a friendly greeting and the desire to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. Our serene and meticulously crafted, modern clinic space ready to hold you in its healing essence for the time you need to reset, revitalize and regain your sense of peace in this hectic world.   

Be well and don’t forget to take care of the little things,

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Pagona Xenos, co-founder

Wellspring Center for Health and Healing

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Pagona Xenos
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Nancie Lopez

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