Nancie began her career at Desert Mountain Golf Club, before realizing she had an entrepreneurial spirit calling out to be expressed. She started her own business and never looked back.

She’s focused her practice and her continuing education on Gait and Postural analysis, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular and Deep Tissue Therapy. She also practices Stretch Therapy (FST) and Sports Injury Management, and is Titleist Performance Institute Certified. She frequently uses cold laser and electrical stimulation in her treatments, particularly for those clients with an injury.

In addition to treating them, educating her clients on how to take care of themselves is a primary feature of Nancie’s practice. She receives great satisfaction by helping others reach their health goals.

On a personal level, she enjoys working out, outdoor sports, and has a love for music and the arts. Don’t be surprised when she starts singing your treatment plan to you! Nancie is also a big lover of animals, and likes to spend her spare time volunteering with animal rescue facilities.

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Additional Methods and Techniques

Apart from traditional acupuncture therapy, practitioners also use some additional methods to enhance the efficiency of acupuncture treatment. Some of these include:

Tuina (“twee-nah”): It is a type of deep-tissue massage, which helps to ease muscle tensions after acupuncture sessions.

Gua Sha (“gwa-shah”): It helps to release muscle tension and works perfectly to relieve shoulder and neck pain.

Cupping: It is a technique which stimulates blood flow and improves healing. 

Moxibustion: By using a product known as moxa, practitioners try to speed up healing. The overall therapy is quite relaxing and helps to increase blood circulation.