Will I Hurt My Baby? Is a Pregnancy Massage Safe?

Just like any other condition, having a pregnancy massage can be beneficial during pregnancy. In fact, there is a specific massage regimen for pregnant women known as prenatal massage. Apart from relaxation, it also improves sleep and offers a sense of wellness. Pregnant women are often concerned about the safety of their developing baby. So, is it safe to have a massage during pregnancy? The answer to this question is yes, for most of the pregnancy stages. Nevertheless, there are massage techniques that are not suitable for pregnant women. The therapist should know what techniques to avoid when offering prenatal massage. Before receiving a massage, make sure the therapist is a certified practitioner who is an expert in offering specialized prenatal massage.

pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage During the First Trimester

Although a pregnant woman can have a massage during almost every stage of pregnancy, various clinical facilities avoid offering this therapy during the first trimester. The risks of miscarriage are higher at this stage. The possible reason behind this may include the increased blood flow during a massage, which may prove detrimental for the mom and the fetus. Furthermore, there are pressure points within the body that tend to initiate premature contractions. Therefore, always get yourself checked by your doctor prior to receiving massage. If your gynecologist suggests to do so, there is no harm in having a prenatal massage once a month.

When Pregnant Women Should Avoid Massage

There are a few rare conditions that a woman can have that would necessitate avoiding a prenatal massage. One of these is deep vein thrombosis. If a pregnant woman is suffering from this issue, getting massage may be risky. In most cases, you have to obtain the permission of your doctor prior to receiving a massage.

pregnancy massage

Different Massage Regimens for Each Trimester

The techniques involved during each trimester are different when it comes to positioning and pressure. Therapists do keep in mind the number of pregnancy weeks and the size of the belly before offering prenatal massage. During the second trimester, most women like lying on their side or back. Once, the belly grows considerably, there is no better position than lying straight on their back. However, at the later stage of pregnancy, it is not possible for women to lie flat on their back. The weight of uterus affects the return of blood from the lower part of the body. As such, therapists ask pregnant women to lie on their sides. Even in this position, women are given specially designed cushions to support their back and shoulder.

Things Therapists Focus On When Offering Prenatal Massage

The prenatal massage is a customized therapy that relies on the needs of the mother. Prior to such a massage, the therapist analyzes the overall body condition of the pregnant woman. In this way, the therapist may get essential information about areas of concern. Therapists pay the utmost attention when offering prenatal massage. They try to apply light to medium pressure, especially on the belly area. The major focus is on the hips and lower back, which require special treatment to reduce pain or swelling.

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