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“I’ve attended two Shine Retreats and worked with Jaime during a major transition in my life and it was one of my smarter decisions. Her compassion, insights, wisdom and ability to shift perspective created freedom and possibility for me, for which I remain so grateful. Any client would be lucky to work with this amazing gift and beautiful expression of a human being.”

Sarah Tueting, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist, Harvard MBA and Author

— Women’s Only Event–   Jaime Myers

During the Experience you’ll…

  • develop deeper trust in yourself, your choices, and your own unique path

  • realize more peace, clarity, and momentum in the areas of your life that matter most to you

  • initiate a shift from head to heart, re-connection with your authentic expression and a feeling of more joy and certainty in your daily life

You’ll Learn…

  • how to shift feelings of resentment, burnout, guilt, fear and a feeling of “never enough” into a sense of freedom, peace, love and joy

  • to use a powerful tool for tuning directly into your body cues and intuition for a deeper experience of clarity and confidence

  • how to easily access a game changing tool to help redistribute your energy to master challenging dynamics no matter what the situation

**Lunch included as designed and prepared by Dana Bosselman, Wellspring Registered Dietitian

From Dana: “Enjoy a carefully curated mouth watering meal designed to detoxify the body, balance female hormones, and boost antioxidant status.”

About Jaime…

For the last 21 years, Jaime Myers has been a student of transformation and continues to learn what she teaches. She believes in sharing from the heart, being authentic, having a good sense of humor and teaching distinctions, tools and information through the art of storytelling.

Jaime was a Senior Workshop Leader for 11 years for Alison Armstrong Inc, an organization dedicated to peace and partnership between the sexes and led over 150 live workshops as well as co-led the Mastery & Leadership Program with Alison for 5 years.  

With a vision to support women honor themselves and lead happy, soul filled lives, Jaime Shine Life Design and has designed and led retreats and leadership programs for the last 4 years.  Shine Life Designed Programs are each designed for women to clear the muck and clutter of the mind, tune into their personal truth and Shine!

“I have continued to expand on the mindset and skills that Jaime has instilled in me and I am beyond excited to say that I am living a very FREE life. I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin and I’m so open and excited for what the universe brings to me next. And if you knew me before, you probably would think that would be impossible. I am a super A-type, highly motivated, uber organized, planning machine! So for me to be able to live a life of less stress and pure, personal joy is basically a miracle! I won’t ever be able to put words to how appreciative I am for the gifts Jaime has given me.” Lindsey B., Denver, CO

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