Body-Brain Method for Strength, Stability, Stamina- An East-West Approach


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Dr. Melanie explains the link between Lifestyle Habits and Brain function which affect our Concentration, Energy and Performance! She shares her stress secrets and some powerful strategies for breath, core, posture and pain control using Ayurvedic medicine, diet and “brainal” exercises (for the brain and spine). Please dress comfortably!

Any skill level is more than welcome! All ticket proceeds will go towards Hurricane Relief efforts. 

Dr. Melanie Dias is an integrative chiropractor and writer for She has over 19 years of experience and seeks to help patients restore health and maximizing performance, at times using functional medicine, Ayurveda and coaching. She has offices in Glendale and Arcadia where she treats all ages in areas, including prevention, chronic pain and sports/auto injuries. Her passion is in educating and empowering people to improve their functional status, express their inborn potential to heal and age naturally.  She writes inspiring articles for her blog, various publications and provides telemedicine, coaching and corporate consulting services for workplace productivity. Her e-books on Stress and the Brain-Gut Axis can be found on She advocates authenticity and shares her journey on her own path through her work. Dr. Melanie believes a kinder world will manifest from creating balance within each of us. Causes supporting children, animals, global health and sustainability have a special place in her heart.

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