Prenatal Massage

Best Prenatal Massage

Therapeutic massage is a way to seek wellbeing and improve one’s overall health. It helps reduce stress and release muscle tension. This ensures a pleasant feeling every time you receive a massage. Pregnant women can also receive customized massage therapy by way of a prenatal massage. For instance, prenatal massage is the appropriate therapy for pregnant women, which involves various techniques that are safe and effective. Research has shown that prenatal massage can help women during every stage of their pregnancy. It reduces the symptoms associated with swelling, pain, and headaches. However, only highly trained and certified therapists should perform this type of massage.

Why Prenatal Massage Is the Ideal Option

Apart from being safe, prenatal massage also provides a wide range of health benefits. It helps the pregnant woman release stress and anxiety. Both these issues are common during pregnancy and may prove detrimental to the health of the developing child. Here are salient features of prenatal massage. Prenatal Massage

Releases Stress

The mental state of a pregnant woman plays a crucial role during the development of an unborn baby. By having a prenatal massage, they can reduce the symptom of depression. As a result, the mother feels more relaxed, which promotes the healthy development of her child.

Uses Customized Techniques

During a prenatal massage, therapists use most of the techniques applied during a Swedish massage. However, every technique is specifically designed to meet the needs of every pregnant woman. It may help with the common issues and discomforts linked with pregnancy. These techniques are safe and help improve lymphatic and blood circulation. The pressure applied by the therapist is mild, which ensures the safety of both the mother and her developing child.

Minimizes the Swelling

Due to the limited circulation of blood, pregnant women usually experience swelling of joints. This relates to the increased pressure on the blood vessels. By utilizing different prenatal massage techniques, the therapists work on these areas and stimulate the flow of blood in swollen joints. Prenatal Massage

Helps Regulate Hormone Secretion

According to some studies, the level of hormone secretion depends on the health of body and mind. Pregnant women experience many mood swings. In this situation, prenatal massage helps reduce stress and regulate mood. If pregnant women receive this massage every two weeks, it will help their bodies regulate the hormone secretion. For instance, the production of hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine reduces. These hormones are responsible for depression and unpleasant mood.

Helps Reduce Nerve Pain

During the last stage of pregnancy, most of the women experience sciatic nerve pain. Due to the increased size of the uterus, the muscles of the lower back and pelvic floor feel great pressure. This pressure sometimes moves to the lower parts of the leg, resulting in swelling and nerve pain. Prenatal massage therapy helps reduce the inflammation around these areas and reduce the stress felt by the nerves. Pregnant women can experience a pleasant change in their condition after receiving a prenatal massage. Other advantages of prenatal massage include:
  • Reduces back/joint or muscle pain.
  • Improves blood circulation and minimizes the chances of edema.
  • Soothes body and mind through stress release.
  • Improves the quality and quantity of sleep.

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