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Best Massage for Sore Muscles

When it comes to relaxation and reducing joint/muscle stress, massage does it all in an exceptional way. It plays a vital role in stimulating the muscles to recover from an injury or tension. If you play sports or follow an active lifestyle, you might experience muscle soreness after a rigorous workout. The newly formed tears in the muscle fiber can lead to inflammation, which can aggravate the situation. Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medication can provide relief for some time, but you need a permanent solution. In this situation, receiving massage therapy can do the trick. Below are a few of the best massages that help counter pain and soreness in an effective way.

Swedish Massage

This is a popular massage, known for its efficacy and soothing effect. Although a Swedish massage is for deep relaxation, it may also serve the purpose of releasing cramped muscles and reducing soreness. Swedish massage is helpful in relieving pain throughout the body. It works in various ways to offer the required outcomes. Effleurage is one of the techniques that can help ease stiffened muscles. Another technique involved during a Swedish massage is Tapotement, which reduces soreness by offering rhythmic and light tapping of the afflicted muscle. Also, the friction method adds extra pressure to release the deeper muscles.

Trigger Point Massage

Best Massage for Sore Muscles 1 This type of massage mainly focuses on the myofascial trigger points, which are the points in the muscles where knots appear or exist. The pain caused by these trigger points can be experienced in other areas of the body. During trigger massage therapy, the practitioner first identifies the area causing trouble and then treats it by applying various massage techniques. This massage also involves injecting medication into the affected parts. In fact, this massage isn’t for those who want to relax and enjoy the session. With trigger point massage, therapists work only on a specific area or length of the muscle. By applying deep pressure on the affected area, the therapist attempts to release the muscle from stress and tension. Pressure is applied and released various times, which eventually results in the overall release of the tightened muscle.

Deep Tissue Massage

Best Massage This massage targets the strains and tight spots located deep under the tissues. Therapists identify these areas and apply strong pressure on specific points to get the muscles released. The basic idea is to reach as deep as possible and release the scar tissue. This strategy helps relax the knotted muscle. Once the muscle is completely relaxed, you should no longer feel any kind of pain or discomfort. The therapy itself causes some amount of pain, which can be unbearable for some people. If this happens, ask the therapist to stop immediately. The pain you feel during this treatment may prove to be counter-productive instead of helping to reduce muscle soreness effectively. This massage is ideal for those who suffer from chronic or acute pain due to the buildup of scar tissue. If you feel regular pain in the shoulder, neck, and back, deep tissue massage may be the best pain management therapy for you.

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