5 Simple Supplements To Optimize Your Health During The Holidays

Christmas Family DinnerThe holiday season is upon us and with it comes all the joys and natural stress associated with this busy time of year.  Self-care is often put on the backburner with holiday parties, time spent shopping for gifts, and travel.

Socializing, celebrating and imbibing are also part of this time of year, and at Wellspring we recognize that feeling supported with a plan to hold steady with your health can enhance the overall experience.  With that said, we have carefully selected five supplements that will help you through this holiday season with grace and ease.


Glutamine is an amino acid found throughout the entire body which acts as a constant fuel source for skeletal and visceral muscles.  Benefits associated with adequate amounts of this nutrient that stand out for holiday eaters include stabilizing blood sugar, reducing sugar cravings, and support for a healthy gut lining.

Additionally, glutamine acts as a precursor to neurotransmitters that affect mood, aids in mental focus, maintains a healthy immune system and plays a role in building and maintaining lean body mass.

So if sugary holiday temptations are especially calling your name, take this supplement before each meal to tame these cravings, for the holidays and beyond.

Adrenal Support

HPA Axis GaiaThe adrenal glands can become especially taxed during bouts of acute and chronic stress.  When this happens, we can find ourselves exceptionally run down, even after a normal night’s sleep, and looking for energy in an extra cup of Joe or a mid-afternoon bakery delight.

Instead, reach for the adrenal support supplement HPA Axis by Gaia. It contains the highest quality adaptogenic herbs and other nutrients that are known to support adrenal function through high energy-output times that may leave you feeling a bit frazzled.

Benefits to providing adrenal support last long after the holiday season.  These include easing ongoing stress, keeping the stress hormone cortisol more balanced, and promoting a calmer state of mind.

S-Acetyl Glutathione

Known as the master antioxidant, glutathione protects the building blocks of life or our DNA from oxidative damage.  It also plays a role in the cells’ ability to produce energy for the entire body.  This nutrient is susceptible to depletion from excess stress, nutrient deficiencies, and sickness.

The body utilizes this nutrient to quench free radicals, boost the immune system, and enhance detoxification.

If you find you’ve made one too many toasts over this holiday season, try glutathione daily to support not only your liver but to keep your immune system strong through the home stretch.

Digestive enzymes

Enzymes are necessary to break down the larger molecules of protein, fat and carbohydrate into smaller, more easily absorbed elements.  When taken before every meal they ease the action of the gut and help break down difficult to digest foods, especially gluten, casein (cow’s milk protein) and lactose.  Nutrient absorption is enhanced and can help prevent nutritional gaps or deficiencies from occurring.

Often, during holiday parties there are foods offered we do not typically consume or we may find we are eating larger quantities of than normal.  Digestive enzymes can help ease bloating and other discomfort associated with improper digestion of these holiday foods.

Best Rest Formula

Sleep can often elude a busy mind, even with a tired body!  Best rest is safely formulated with melatonin, the relax neurotransmitter GABA, l-theanine, valerian and other calming herbs.  This natural way to drift into restorative sleep and stay there can help make a full schedule much easier to manage the next day.

At Wellspring we support all of your efforts to maintain a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life.  Contact our functional dietitian to learn more about how we can personalize your journey to optimal health during the holiday season and into 2018!

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