Benefits of Expert Sports Massage

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What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage uses a combination of techniques to achieve the best possible results. Soft tissue work, hydrotherapy, and fascial stretch therapy are some examples of types of sports massage.

Each session calls for an assessment of when to use this type of massage, what technique or techniques are appropriate and being very clear on the reason for the session according to the client’s needs. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, all kinds of things are possible. 

How is it best used?

  • pre or post-event
  • maintenance
  • recovery periods
  • or for athletic rehabilitation.  

Optimal techniques are applied which range from long, slow circulation-promoting strokes to friction, compression, and stretching to name a few.  

What are the results?

  • increased blood flow to aid in flushing toxins
  • shortened recovery time
  • improved range of motion
  • greater flexibility

Who Can Benefit from Sport Massage?

This type of massage is not limited to professional or semi-professional athletes, even though everyone from prima ballerinas to NFL linemen use sports massage to help them achieve success. Anyone who is active on a regular basis can benefit from these sessions.  If you are just starting up again or trying a new type of activity, sports massage is perfect to help the transition.  Working with a highly qualified massage professional can make things go smoother. They can remove limitations such as myofascial restrictions, knots or trigger points, or chronic skeletal pain.

Sports massage is for any active individual looking to achieve optimal performance be it on the golf course, in the gym, on the track or in the swimming pool.

Find the Right Provider For You

Right now, we are recommending a Sports & Movement Program with one of our top movement and athletics specialists. Tailor-made one-hour sessions where our therapists review your posture and gait, analyze your athletic objectives, and use a combination of fascial stretch therapy, myofascial release & other sports modalities to help you optimize performance and decrease strain.

This will help you get closer to achieving those objectives with less pain and wear-and-tear along the way.

Provider Spotlight

Stephanie Buettner, LMT NASM – 25 years’ experienceultra-runner

Stephanie has over 25 years’ experience as a specialist for ultra-distance runners and triathletes. In addition to her extensive years as a running coach and movement specialist, Stephanie uses the John Barnes Method of myofascial release.

If you’ve heard about myofascial release, then you know it works wonders for athletes and those looking to get back into sports and working out extensively. The John Barnes Method is internationally recognized as the top certification for medical and sports massage utilizing myofascial release.

With Stephanie, you’ll soon understand how the entire web of your muscles is inter-connected and together you’ll unravel the puzzle … and take a big leap closer to success!

Click here to request an initial 30-minute appointment 

  • Find out more about Stephanie’s programs
  • Learn what other providers at Wellspring have to offer you
  • Claim your FREE session to help understand your needs better

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